Augment Marketing Digital Tools

Augment Marketing understands the importance of developing and protecting a digital brand while building a solid foundation for the future. To achieve our client’s goals we utilize many resources with each strategy being unique from any other.
Here are some examples of some of the tools we utilize:

  • Content Marketing – with contacts at many of the world’s top publisher we are able to pitch story ideas with ease.
  • Paid Promotion and Distribution -successful content marketing campaign must include driving traffic to the articles.
  • Online Reputation Management -with the unavoidable negativity which plagues the web, this service will be utilized by nearly every organization at some point.
  • Blogging – develop a consistent flow of educational information for your clients and potential clients. Blogs are the perfect tool. Our team will, develop, write and manage your blog.
  • Social Media Strategy and Policy – so many companies have fallen into the trap of quantity vs. quality in their social media posts. Augment will help your organization develop a successful social media campaign.
  • Social Publishing – we utilize tools which allow you to manage all of your social accounts in one place.  You can schedule posts to ensure the best possible viewership, then track the results.
  • List Management – manage lists to segments based on specific behaviors to ensure the most targeted and effective marketing.
  • Email Campaigns – careful and creative strategies to test, assess, change and retest before risking years of database development.  We provide the ability to track the results of the campaign in real time with in-depth reporting and analytics.
  • Landing Pages – we build and manage all necessary pages and sites.
  • Competitor Monitoring – we not only monitor the web for all mentions of your business, but all mentions of your competitors.

For more information about how our team of experts here at Augment Marketing can help to increase your online presence, contact us at 888-999-4928 or fill out our easy inquiry form.