Our Process

Why Augment Marketing?

Augment Marketing LLC believes that every online mention about an organization is an asset. Those mentions can have either a positive or negative impact. Managing those online assets is key in a modern world.

By combining the most tech-forward ideas with decades of sales and marketing expertise, we create strategies to launch and promote products while dealing with the inevitable negativity. Collectively, this ensures our clients do more than keep up in the digital age, they lead their peers.

We manage your online reputation so you can focus on other things.

How are we different from SEO and PR firms?

Augment Marketing is a Digital General Contractor. Our team develops personalized and strategic solutions for each campaign, client and project. We create and execute successful digital media strategies and are committed to providing organizations from around the world a full range of online marketing strategies along with protection and sentiment monitoring services.

Any work needed outside of the U.S. will be assisted by our partners in North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

These days there is no media that is not available online. That’s why we work hard to make sure that we work with reporters writing for a wide range of top tier news outlets and industry trade publications so we can match reporters with our clients. That way the online content is meaningful for your company, client or product. This prevents neutral or negative content from populating search results.

We look for trending news topics to ensure articles are not only on the publisher’s sites, but searched for by the public. That way readers won’t see the article as promotional and we create credibility by association. We then drive traffic to the article ensuring it ranks well in a search.

Our strategies include the creation of social media policies, procedures and strategies, as well as working with the media to promote our client’s mission while providing insulation against the negative.

Augmented Monitoring

In order to determine the best course of action for the long term, we recommend a sentiment analysis and social media monitoring program. This will show where both positive and negative comments are coming from so we can act accordingly. With our augmented monitoring strategies we can get ahead of comments and trends, positive or negative, so that all strategies can be adjusted for maximum effectiveness.

Augmented Values

Augment Marketing’s core values bleed into all aspects of our business and offer a foundation for attitude, decision making, and behavior. These values will define our culture, as well as express the behaviors and mentality needed for Augment Marketing to exist and accomplish our objectives.

  • Teamwork: Always offering support for one another, collaboration, and mutual respect
  • Everyone possesses a voice: Every team member, irrespective of position or rank, is encouraged to offer insight, transparency
  • Excellence: We have an unwavering need to accomplish established goals as we maintain focus on our values and vision
  • Attention to detail: Perfection even within the smallest of tasks, always digging deeper, and focused alertness
  • Growth: Personal development, team growth, and focused on company growth
  • Balance: We maintain a balanced life which permits for physical and mental wellness

For more information about how our team of experts here at Augment Marketing can help to increase your online presence, contact us at 888-999-4928 or fill out our easy inquiry form.