I published this article on my LinkedIn profile last year and have recently had this issue come up here at Augment Marketing, so I thought why not get a second use out of it.

What fool told every business owner they should have their assistant (AKA “my social media person”) post content on their social media profiles daily? Really… in this day in age of information and content overload, you really think your clients or potential clients care about a pot luck lunch at your office or that you welcome Becky Sue to your team. Give me a break, actually, give us all a break! We “Follow” your company because we want to know about anything really interesting, newsworthy or impactful to us, not the daily dribble that is posted on corporate social media profiles each day.

Brian Newmark


If I have your attention, keep reading. If you are confused, don’t bother – see your website never!

OK, we all know that social media is a fantastic tool for communicating and maintaining a relationship with clients, referral sources and prospects. Lets think about it. We are all pressed for time and have too much popping up on our iPhones to possibly read, so we only want to read what is critical, relevant or truly funny. What do we all do when we have a friend who always posts bad content or promotion for the last thing they purchased or are now selling? – We un-follow them. That is what you are asking your followers to do every time you post content which isn’t critical, relevant or funny.

Here is an example of what I advise my small to mid-size clients:

1) Stop posting every day. One fantastic post each week will be so much more impactful. Followers will be looking forward to your post, not hiding it.

2) Have a meeting with your entire company (if that is practical), tell them that we want amazing, funny, informative, newsworthy, or otherwise great posts. Each employee is charged with finding possible posts and submitting them by Friday morning. Then someone with a brain and respect for other people’s time sorts through the submissions to choose three that got you to laugh, read more or want to forward to others. Then put it up for a vote either in an email or an internal company website or one of the hundred apps which makes the process easy such as Votter. Whoever submitted the winning Post gets a (you fill in the blank: gift certificated, come in an hour late on Monday, whatever works for you). This gets the entire team engaged in the Post and caring about the company’s social media presence.

3) Once the post goes live, all employees should be willing to not just “Like” it, but actually Share it with their friends. No one wants to do that daily, but once a week is not too much to ask. Besides if they or their friend came up with it, why wouldn’t they?

What have we accomplished?

1) You started putting out a small amount of quality content, which people actually may look forward to seeing.

2) You boosted moral with your employees by adding something fun to your weekly team meetings.

3) You engaged your employees to promote your social media accounts.

4) You were able to reallocate the person who is currently spending time each day coming up with social dribble to something that will actually make you money.

Why does this matter, well lets take a look at one of the many companies who has chose to either create real value or real entertainment (ideally both) for their followers. Many industry insiders have been impressed with Pop Secret the microwave popcorn people and rightfully so. They have two apps which have caught the attention of HuffingtonPost and the like. The first is a no-brainer, which simply listens to the popping noise coming out of your microwave and tells you when to hit stop. I can’t believe no one has though of this before. I for one have thrown out many bags of burnt popcorn. The second, made major headlines last fall when they showed off their Pop Dongle. It attaches to your iPhone and emits a buttery scent when you play their game. Sadly for all of us they are no mass marketing the Pop Dongle, but there is no doubt one day soon, we’ll all have gadgets and gismos like this. In the mean time, Pop Secret has had tens of thousands of their apps downloaded and no doubt is attracting more non-brand loyal customers to Pop Secret.

Anyone who has been around for a while remembers the story of CDNow. They grew and grew, making millions by sending out emails to subscribers recommending CDs to buy. It started with periodic emails, then went to once a week and the sales went up. Smartly, they went to twice a week and sales went up again. They got greedy, started sending daily emails and the company quickly became part of dot com’s long history of short lived successes. While there is not doubt other factors contributed to their demise, there is also no doubt that people started unsubscribing or marking the emails as spam. Regardless, it is a great example of too much dribble can do much more harm than good.

Be careful in your choice of who posts and what they post about your company. I write regularly about content marketing at BrianNewmark.guru and about Pay-Per-Click on PPC.org.

By, Brian Newmark

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